Flatbed UV Printer Model: PH6090

1. It uses EPSON DX5 printhead, Hyperfine printing and high efficiency with 1440dpi.
2. LED UV lamp without preheating boot on the run, with long use life, save time and energy.
3. UV ink, environmental and no-odor release, instant curing, and not easily fade.
4. PH UV Flatbed Glass Printer use white ink, with self circulation and self shaking function, avoid the white ink to be precipitate and stocking the print head. The media can be 100mm if higher can be customized.
5. PH UV Flatbed Glass Printer can print 25sqm/h, and the cost of ink would be around 1.5 dollars;
6. The power is 1100W only, low power, save energy.



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